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Materials Wood, Leather, Acrylic
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About this Item

Product General Type are your regular products. There are no special needs or layout issues to work with.


Screen Size
Assembled Product Weight
87.1 oz
Dimensions (L x W x H)
8.30 x 63.70 x 37.80 Inches


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$10.00 Document General Type is used for Products that are actually Documents. These cannot be added to the cart but can be configured for the Document Sidebox. If your Document Sidebox is not showing, go to the Layout Controller and turn it on for your template.

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$0.93 Document Product Type is used for Documents that are also available for sale. You might wish to display brief peices of the Document then offer it for sale. This Product Type is also handy for downloadable Documents or Documents available either on CD or by download. The Document Product Type could be used in the Document Sidebox or the Categories Sidebox depending on how you configure its master categories id. This product has also been added as a linked product to the Document Category. This will allow it to show in both the Category and Document Sidebox. While not marked specifically for the master product type id related to the Product Types, it now is in a Product Type set for Document General so it will show in both boxes.

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